The activities of hardware and software engineering, whether plants simple or complex systems, begins with consultancy and the design of the architecture layout of the automation system, and ends with definition of the operating logic in accordance with the customer’s user requirements.
On request, Telco also adopts project development methods for Computer System Validation following GAMP guidelines.


Telco uses hardware and software solutions that represent the state-of-the art in the automation field and has transversal skills in:

  • Factory network management.
  • Drive systems of the main constructors.
  • Integrated safety systems.
  • Control and adjustment of plant sections with PLC.
  • Supervision (HMI – SCADA).
  • Web application.
  • Relational and other databases.
  • Historical databases.
  • Implementation of information exchange with ERP and MES.


Telco boats a workshop of 1,600 square metres dedicated to the assembly and wiring of control and command cabinets of both electrical and instrumental equipment developed internally, in particular:

  • Control electric cabinet.
  • Low-voltage electric cabinet.
  • Maintenance of existing cabinets.

Telco performs integrated testing of the system by connecting the equipment, networks and software (in simulation), thereby ensuring the direct supply of turnkey projects and guaranteeing electric panels construction to professional standards.


To ensure continuity of relationships with customers, commissioning and testing of systems take place with the same work team that engineered and followed all project phases, thereby optimizing and reducing travel times, maximizing operational flexibility and enhancing mutual knowledge.
In addition to providing manuals, the end user’s staff receive training by attending specific courses held at the customer’s headquarters and/or at Telco’s headquarters.


Telco has developed a Business Care service (7 days a week, 24 hours a day), which includes technical support, maintenance and consultancy activities to provide assistance to its customers during the service life of the systems installed.

Customized, competitive solutions thanks to Telco’s values

“Telco’s main goal is to achieve the highest results in terms of quality by offering the end user products and services that are guaranteed from technical, legislative and safety points of view. ”

Customized, competitive solutions thanks to Telco’s added values

  • Customer-oriented, proactive approach
    which incorporates the customer’s needs and proposes innovative solutions thanks to high project flexibility.
  • In-depth knowledge of the production process and teams of specialists
    able to interact independently with the customer’s technical structure and the suppliers of mechanical parts, helping to save on coordination costs.
  • Quality of the result
    guaranteed by internal monitoring of all design and manufacture stages with a dedicated Project Manager.
  • Single Point of Reference
    from automation systems to MES and IT manufacturing systems.
  • Scalable systems
    for future expansion needs and enhanced user-friendly capabilities.
  • After-Sales Assistance Services
    with preventive, proactive maintenance and resolution of unforeseen events.
  • Consolidated experience in foreign markets
    with the supply of advanced industrial automation and process solutions, Telco’s main objective is customer satisfaction.