Rubber and plastic processing

With over 100 mixing rooms as well as extrusion and automated calandering lines throughout the world, Telco targets manufacturers of technical items in plastic and rubber, as well as compounds and cables.

Solutions and applications

  • Management of production system automation and process control.
  • Management of recipes and production orders.
  • Design and manufacture of automation and power electric cabinet.
  • Systems for monitoring the status of line operation.
  • Batching and pre-weighing (dispensing).
  • Management of utilities.
  • Traceability of materials and batches.
  • Dashboard of process and production KPIs.
  • Integration with MES, ERP and Historian systems.
  • Management and programming of maintenance.
  • Management of laboratory quality analyses.
  • Solutions for warehouse logistics.
  • Acquisition and processing of energy consumption data.