Hardware and software engineering - Equipment assembly - Commissioning and training - Business care and after-sales assistance

Since 1965, Telco has been a leader in the design and manufacture of advanced industrial automation and process systems.

Telco’s customer target consists of batch and continuous processing industries, machine constructors, engineering plants and firms.
Telco is a market leader in the turnkey supply of:

  • Automation and supervision of NEW plants and lines.
  • REVAMPING of existing plants and lines with time-limited production down-times.

Telco’s objective has always been to provide solutions:

  • Based on market standards and products.
  • Scalable and customizable, growing with the company and evolving with its needs.
  • Innovative and reliable for IT manufacturing.

Telco around the World
Collaboration with multinational companies in various industrial sectors has enabled Telco to tackle a wide range of problems using proven, advanced methods, as well as build hundreds of installations around the world.

  • Europe (Italy, Germany, Great Britain, Romania, Spain, Turkey, Russia)
  • Africa (Egypt)
  • America (Argentina, Brazil, Mexico and USA)
  • Asia (China, India and Indonesia)