Pharmaceutical, pharmacosmetic and biotechnological industries

Telco has consolidated experience in the pharmaceutical sector and, for over 30 years, has been a technological partner of leading international players in the sector.

Solutions and applications

  • Management of production system automation and process control.
  • Management of recipes and production orders.
  • Design and manufacture of automation and power electric cabinet.
  • Systems for monitoring the status of line operation.
  • Batching and pre-weighing (dispensing).
  • Management of utilities, cleanrooms and HVAC.
  • Management/Tracing of Bulk Container Bins.
  • Traceability of materials and batches.
  • Dashboard of process and production KPIs.
  • Integration with MES, ERP and Historian systems.
  • Computer System Validation and document collection.
  • Management and Planning of maintenance.
  • Management of laboratory quality analyses.
  • Solutions for warehouse logistics.
  • Acquisition and processing of energy consumption data.