Lifting systems

Telco has deep experience in the development and supply of automation for driverless lifting systems that operate 24 hours a day, such as, for example:

  • Bulk material stores with automatic overhead crane.
  • Overhead cranes for handling long parts (pipes, profiles, etc.).
  • Overhead cranes that require automated handling or storage processes, or other complex operations.

Solutions and applications

  • Automation and management of overhead crane handling operations taking into consideration any barriers and level of stock in the various material storage areas.
  • Design and manufacture of automation and power electric cabinet.
  • Warehouse layout configuration.
  • Operator interface for all management and control functions carried out in real time.
  • Setting of work programmes in automatic mode.
  • Management of dialogue between ground automation equipment (warehouse) and on-board equipment (overhead crane).
  • Processing and display of handling and machine statistical data.